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HiGrade is a web-based solution to smartly handle all administrative and management functions of a college. The system is being implemented to meet the requirements of ISO, NAAC, NIRF, NBC and provides best studies to the students, which in turn leads to the highest grade at the educational level. It organizes and manages the information of students, staff and management in a most economical and an effective way.

Boscosoft is known for
  • »Developing complete feature rich and scalable ERP solutions as per need and requirement.
  • »Innovative products and excellent support that meet or exceed Client's expectations.
  • »Timely delivery.
  • »Products at affordable price.
  • »Unassailable support.

Innovate and Lead


We strive to achieve optimal results in the interest of stakeholders, employing cutting-edge technologies, involving committed associates, driven by innovation and leadership.

Core Values

Integrity, Commitment, Customer Delight, Technology Innovation & Leadership, Stakeholder Participation, Quality Focus, Youth Empowerment

Quality Policy

We uphold Quality System with updated technologies, processes and standards so that all our stakeholders are delighted and associates are passionate with the core values of the organization to realize its mission.

Key Benefits

  • Improves the access to accurate and timely information
  • Enhances workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces reliance on paper
  • Tightens user access controls and automates SMS & e-mail alerts
  • Provides user-friendly web-based interfaces
  • Streamlined process and easy adoption of best education practices
  • Facilitates centralized data repository with no redundancy of data entry
  • Online & Offline seamless data synchronization
  • Shuns data theft and accidental damage of Database
  • Allows on-the-go access to smart devices
  • Generates reports to MS Office, PDF and open standards
  • Integrates Smart cards, Biometric readers, RFID technology
  • Secures user access, login through authenticators
  • Integrates key functions of finance and fee collection
  • Merges employee database for administration,
  • Accesses inventory (stock) details of the College including purchases
  • Initiates timely correspondence to other departments
  • Day to day activities like time table allotment
  • Simplifies handling of student’s records.
  • Get online access to the system from anywhere

Reason to choose HiGrade

Principals & Directors

One Stop Solution for Your Higher Education Institutions

Easy Unique GUI

The uniquely designed user interface makes it different, best and extremely user friendly.

Secure Access

It gives a secure system access from any internet-connected computer or within a LAN using a unique username and password.

Amazing Range of Services

Our company provides a wide range of services like Support, Installation and Training services.


HiGrade is completely scalable to cope with the growth of institution to work with Internet.

Customized & Comprehensive Reports

Various reports are generated based on the needs of the College. Reports are exported to multiple file formats like MS Excel and Acrobat Format (PDF).

Mobile app for the Management, Parents & Students

Get most of the popular features of HiGrade on your mobile. It is available as mobile app using the latest technology in both Android and iOS

Customer support

Customer support team with experts of professionals is always ready to solve all clients’ problems as they arise through mail or telephone.

User Friendly

Any new user can quickly learn to use this software. We also provide a detailed user manual for quick reference.

Affordable Cost

Clients can buy this software with a minimal saving cost to use more features of college.

CMS enabled website

Update all your colleges activities in the website which would help the parents to know more about your college.

Multiple college management with a single database

You can access all your college details within a single click to Login.

Instant SMS integration

Communication with the parents to know the Students Performance through SMS/email every day.

What Customers Speak about us



Enables to define academic masters with the standard terminologies used in UGC.


Facilitates simpler way of online admission with online payment.


Manages the detailed students master and activities related to the students.


Manages the detailed staff master and activities related to the staff.

Student Attendance

Facilitates quick entry of absentees, permission, leave, OD information of students manually or through devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Bio-metric etc.

Staff Attendance

Facilitates quick entry of absentees, permission, leave, OD information of staff manually or through devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Bio-metric etc.


Facilitates mark entry and mark uploads using simpler GUI and provides various performance analysis.

Course Registration

Enables to pick the NME subjects through online or offline in short span of time.


Generates timetable in a flash with the conditions provided. Adjustments are made easy.

Internal Assessment

Provides easy way to enter the Internal marks by the individual course teachers. It can be supplied to any third party.

ID Card

Simplifies the design of ID Cards to print it at the college or download the designed files in any format for printing.


Enables easy stocking, purchase and sales of the academic inventories such as books, stationaries etc.


Full-fledged library management system for college which can support circulation and stock of over 2 lakh books.


Facilitates easy structuring of fees, collection of fees manually and through online and issue of receipts of any formats, any printer.


Pushes SMS like announcements, holidays, absentees information, marks, Fee arrears, Timetable etc in a flash. And email communication


Maintains the vehicle information, driver details, trip information, fuel usage, vehicle document related information etc.

Front Office

Tracks the appointments, visitors, couriers, phone calls, parcels etc.


What you say and how you say it is as important as everything else


Conducts online and offline feedback and survey with customized questions and answers. Instant reports and analysis can be done.


Maintains the list of scholarship which is applied and received and integrates with the fee collection system.

Add on Program

Facility to conduct the additional programs and manage the course.


Eases the registration of alumnus through online and pay online. Facility to search of friends within or with other batches.

Food & Beverages

Manages the mess, cafe with better planning for purchase. Menu management, procurement and daily distribution, leave management, stock etc. are the key features.


  • Quick/detailed registration
  • Expressive Student Profile
  • Attendance entry is never a time-consuming task
  • Descriptive Staff Profile including academic feats, interests, etc.
  • Track your Staff availability with Biometric Scanner
  • Hassle free fee maintenance & management
  • Maintain and Analyze the Academics of Students
  • Streamlines Educational Process-Automates important functions
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of the staff
  • Strengthens relationship between different user entities
  • Completely organizes data with no redundancy
  • User Friendly Interfaces
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Advance Printing Options
  • Ensures Data Security
  • Easy Centralized Backup Options

Our Leaders


Rev.Fr.Don Bosco L SDB

President & CEO

Rev.Fr. Thaddeus Singarayan SDB

Director of Operation

Mr. Henry Berchmans


Rev.Fr. MJ Arun SDB


Rev.Fr Joe Anand SDB

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Lingesh

HiGrade Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

We are together as a team of loving and good humans with humor and with our own passions and goals but united by a journey for the mission.

Fr. Thaddeus Singarayan SDB

Product Owner

Clament Arun Jerry

Delivery Manager


Business Analyst

Danny Stephen

Senior S/W Developer

Lucas Sagaya Raj

Senior S/W Developer

Maria Hema Tamilarasi

Quality Engineer

Kasimir Raj

Senior S/W Developer

Jerald Stephen

Jr. S/W Developer

Josva Periyanayagam

Jr. S/W Developer

Suriya Prakash

Jr. S/W Developer

Prasanna Daisy V

Junior S/W Developer

Ruban Doss S

Junior S/W Developer

Yesuraja Arockiasamy

Support Manager


Support Executive

Edward Pethal

Support Executive

Leo Justine

Support Executive

Trusted by Institutes Around The World

Stella Maris College, Chennai
St. Antony's College for Women, Dindigul
DBIMA, France
DB Cairo, Egypt
Don Bosco College, Kohima, Nagaland
St. Alphonsa College, Karungal
Jnana Deepa Institute, Pune
Loyola College, Vettavalam
St. Joseph's College, Hosur
Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam
Don Bosco Polytechnic College, Tharangambadi
Don Bosco College, Yelagiri Hills
Sacred Heart Degree College, Bengaluru
Don Bosco Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram
Anugraha College, Dindigul
Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women, Vaniyambadi
SAV Sahaya Thai College, Tirunelveli
Don Bosco Academy, Nepal
Don Bosco College, Kilpauk
Don Bosco College, Itanagar
Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri
Montfort College, Bengaluru
Vincent Pallotti College, Bengaluru

Onboarding & Implementation

Buying software is only 10% of the journey!We are here to make the remaining 90% successful

From onboarding your institution to HiGrade ERP from academics till the student gets her/his TC our team is here to ensure your success. Our team has experience of helping more than 100 institutions creating a joyful and hassle-free great experience.

The onboarding journey with Boscosoft

Article 1

Data collection

We can help you the best when you are well prepared with actual data. Most delays happen here since customers may not have the data ready, or the data is in an unstructured format. The sooner you give us data in the prescribed format, the faster we can onboard you. We will share you the required data structure to share the data, but we are not responsible for inaccuracies in data. The responsibility lies with you for the data.

Article 1

User Story

We map the User story in a visual exercise that helps the development teams to define the work that will create the most delightful experience for the user. We create a dynamic outline of a representative user’s interactions with the product, evaluate which steps have the most benefit for the user, and prioritize what should be built next in the product

Article 1

Kick-off meeting

We want all your stakeholders participating in the onboarding process to be present in the meeting to understand the implementation process's workflow and streamline the resources required to go live in the agreed time frame.

Article 1


Product experts and self-explanatory workflows speeds up the implementation process of HiGrade in a Hi-speed mode. Some clients get onboarded with few levels of support. And we are here to guide you step by step to be self-dependent on handling the ERP on your own not depending the service providers.

Article 1

Validation & Quality Check

Extensive validation and quality check are required to ensure that the institution’s information is accurate and as expected. We want you to go through all the data present in the ERP to provide a delightful experience for all the stakeholders.

Article 1


Let’s enjoy the incredible HiGrade ERP at your institution work place. Let the stake holders also experience the magic of easy UI and quick navigations in their day-to-day tasks.


We are here to support you on multiple platforms

You can reach us on the following communication channels. We are available from Monday through Friday 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM and on 02nd, 04th & 05th Saturdays in the month.

Email is one of the best and most preferred and efficient way for our customers to reach us. We will respond to most of your priority emails within an hour during business hours. Reach us at support@ boscosofttech.com and higrade@boscosofttech.com

You will have access to live chat directly from our HiGrade website through skype. This is preferred channel when you have most collaborative support needs. Skype.com

We are available on phone calls too when you have pressing needs. Please note that our phone channels are limited. 96 26 800 800

Latest @ HiGrade

Education 5.0

Our Team represented by Mrs. Deepa, Mr. Yesuraja, Mr. Clament & Mr Joe Nishanth attended the first National workshop on "Education 5.0" conducted by ULektz & IIR, Chennai on 19th November 2022. The Education 5.0 speaks about educating the learners in social ethics and humanism in today’s world of Education.

Mobile App

We have optimized the features and designed a user-friendly native mobile app for Students & Staff in Android and iOS which allows the students to get to know their academic performance instantly and enables the staff in completing their tasks easy & user-friendly. Our Mobile App


We are working on the NAAC criteria metrics to assist the academic institutions to apply for NAAC accreditation. We support them with the data though our ERP Solution.

HiGrade Mobile App Login Tutorial

You can refer the above video to login to our HiGrade Mobile app and get the latest updates on the go.

Video Tutorial

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